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Cheryl Burke reveals dieting secrets; star shares what helped her lose weight

Cheryl Burke reveals dieting secrets
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Cheryl Burke is partnered up with Drew Carey on Dancing With the Stars and the pair has focused on how much weight the celebrity has lost. While Drew Carey definitely has slimmed down, apparently Cheryl Burke has lost weight too with a diet that works well for her. According to Us Weekly on Monday, the professional dancer has moved over to “clean” foods and dropped 15 pounds.

The clean food diet has been touted as an effect way to lose weight by many celebrities. It focuses on eating whole, unprocessed foods and most individuals on the diet watch the calorie intake too. For Cheryl Burke that means limiting dairy to avoid bloating, skipping breads and eating fruits and vegetables. Plus she finds time to eat every four hours to keep the cravings at bay.

Another big aspect of Cheryl Burke’s weight loss is working out. Obviously she rehearses with Drew Carey, but she does more than what is seen in the studio. Taking time to really work out she hits the gym and has a partner who works out with her. Keeping a healthy competition going, the professional dancer looks to burn off those pesky calories too.

Next time the fans seen Drew Carey and Cheryl Burke on the dance floor it should be pointed out that both Hollywood stars have lost weight. After working so hard to make themselves look better (and live a long time) it is great to see that both have the same goal.

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