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Cheryl Burke pounds fall off, stay off: New bikini photo shows 15-lb weight loss

Cheryl Burke makes a 'most talked about body' list and proud of it after 15-lb weight loss.

Cheryl Burke shows off her 15-lb weight loss by posing in a bikini as People’s “Most Talked About Bodies” special issue. The “Dancing with the Stars” pro always drops between five and seven pounds each season when she’s dancing, but it’s the time she has off in between seasons when she packs them back on and then some.

According to USS Post on May 26, this last break between seasons Burke didn’t let the exercise fall by the wayside. When she’s doing “Dancing with the Stars” she’s practicing eight to ten hours a day so the weight just falls off and stays off. When the season ends, she tends to fall back into skipping the exercise.

Not anymore, she looks fabulous in her new bikini picture. The 30-year-old has a secret weapon for keeping the exercise going and no, it’s not a chunky picture of herself hanging on the refrigerator. She’s taken on a new best friend, according to People Magazine.

It seems that Burke hit it off with Leah Remini and the two live down the street from each other. Both women share the goal of exercising, just not the motivation, until now!

Burke said they both motivate each other to work out and their shared trainer has come up with a new innovated workout that they both enjoy. Burke says that they first “run a mile on the treadmill, then they get off and do biceps, triceps, squats and repeat about three times.” Toward the end the duo will do abs.

The “Dancing with the Stars” pro said their way of exercising “shocks the body” more than if they run three miles all at once. Burke started the show 10 years ago, wow, how time flies!

She explains that 10 years ago her metabolism was much different at 20 than it is at 30 today, so she needs to do things differently, which entails motivation to do the work. As you get older you need to work harder, Burke shared.

She clocked in at 135 pounds when she started dancing with Jack Osbourne and today she’s a thin and trim 115 pounds. Her new bikini picture offers up the evidence why she's one of the "Most Talked About Bodies" from People.

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