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Cheryl Burke: 15 pounds gone, 'DWTS' star says it's due to healthy living

Cheryl Burke's 15-pound weight loss sparks criticism
Cheryl Burke's 15-pound weight loss sparks criticism
Photo via Cheryl Burke's Instagram

People have been buzzing on-and-off about Cheryl Burke's 15-pound weight loss, and the talk escalated once again after the “Dancing With the Stars” pro shared a bikini selfie this week. What's all the fuss about? It seems that some fans think the “DWTS” star has gone too far, but on Friday she connected with TMZ to try to set the record straight.

Long-time fans know that Cheryl Burke's 15-pound weight loss isn't exactly new or severe for the “Dancing With the Stars” pro. She has been with the show for nearly every season, and her weight has fluctuated a bit up and down over the years. This time, though, it seems people are worried that she's taken things to extremes. Now she's fighting back.

Burke posted a bikini selfie noting that she's “Livin the good life! #Cabo #Blessed,” but some took things to an extreme by saying they thought she had perhaps gone under the knife in order to slim down so dramatically. Others think she got Botox in her lips, and she all-around faced a lot of harsh criticism. As Mail Online notes, Burke has since taken to Facebook to fire back at critics.

Amid the criticism surrounding Cheryl Burke's 15-pound weight loss the “DWTS” star said, “I love all of you guys, I would never do anything bad to my body.” She added, “I'm honestly happy and healthy, maybe it's a bad angle. I'm just pouting, geez!” Now she has talked with TMZ and said that she's slimmed down because she has cut back on drinking and partying.

Burke says, “I didn't have plastic surgery and I don't have an eating disorder.” She adds, “I'm just actually happy.” It seems that after turning 30 recently she just decided to start living a healthier life. The criticism is pretty intense, but some “Dancing With the Stars” fans seem sincere in being truly worried that perhaps she has gone a bit too far.

Is Cheryl Burke's 15-pound weight loss a bit too much for her frame? Has she taken things too far? The star surely will be back for the fall season of “Dancing With the Stars,” though casting won't be made official until later in the summer.

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