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Cherry Creek State Park

Model aircraft flying.
Model aircraft flying.

Cycling has rarely been more enjoyable in the spring and summer than at Cherry Creek State park. There is much to be seen in the winter also. There are 12 miles of paved trails, 35 total miles of multi-use trails. Please use proper trail etiquette, bikers yield to hikers, all yield to horses. Though beauty abounds, be ready to deal with some very aggressive bikers on the path around the lake.

There is a model aircraft field where planes can be seen buzzing over fields and appear to be dangerously close to each other.

Camping at Cherry Creek is much like camping in your back yard is. All of the campgrounds have a sheltered picnic table, a b.b.q. grill or fire pit, and are kept well groomed. Restrooms are spaced appropriately between campgrounds and the lake's edge. There are also showers and laundry facilities. You can learn much more at:

When it comes to wildlife, Cherry Creek cannot be beat. There are bald eagles, golden eagles, red-tailed hawk, kestrils, and other birds of prey. There are coyotes, deer, and all manner of woodland and wet land creatures. A lot of this wildlife can be viewed from the continuous ribbon of smooth paved road  that circles the lake. There are several stops convenient to the loop that provide a handy place to stop and view all of the natural beauty that is Cherry Creek State Park. See you on the trails.



  • van 5 years ago

    Now I really want to go camping and riding my bike come on spring!!

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