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Cherry blossoms inspired bridal wedding makeup.

Cherry Blossom Bride.
Cherry Blossom Bride.
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The beginning of spring brings in the delicate cherry blossom blooms that are just the perfect floral theme for springtime weddings. Their temporary beauty perfectly fits with the fleeting beauty of the wedding day, because both last for such a short time, yet stay with us forever.

To find the perfect makeup to hold up to the delicate beauty of the cherry blossoms is a must. To get the perfect cherry blossom wedding makeup, it is recommended consulting with a professional Makeup Artist for Weddings in Washington, DC. If that isn't an option, these basic makeup tips will help you create the perfect look.

Makeup Tip #1 Go Natural

To match the natural beauty of the cherry blossom, your best bet is to go with the most natural look as possible. Start with creating a base for your skin this should be with a soft hue and porcelain finish. Anything tan, bronze or orange it’s going to go against the natural cherry blossoms’ beauty.

Makeup Tip #2 Use the Cherry Blossom Color Palette

The soft pinks, purples and white of our blossoms should be utilized in your makeup palette. Pick out cool, soft tones for the eye shadow, lipstick and blush that enhance your features, but select tones that go with the lovely colors of the cherry blossoms. You can always use darker tones to add some depth but always stay within the same color palette. You don’t want anything that contrasts against the sweet colors of the cherry blossoms.

Makeup Tip #3 Avoid Metallic and Shimmers

Anything that sparkles strays away from the delicate beauty that comes from cherry blossoms. Cherry blossoms aren't shiny or sparkly, they are soft and delicate. If you use any shimmer make sure to keep it toned down to avoid clashing with the delicacy of the cherry blossom.

Makeup Tip #4 Use Soft Pinks, Not Hot Pinks

Remember when picking out makeup to not just go with any, old pink. Cherry blossoms are more of a pastel pink than hot pink. Keep this in mind when selecting makeup for your cherry blossom inspired look.


It is funny how nature provides us with the best makeup inspirations! Stay tuned to for more beauty articles to come where we’ll explore the many facets of beauty on hair and makeup!

To find more hair and makeup tips for cherry blossom themed weddings, visit this beauty blog.

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