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Cherry blossoms 2014 peak bloom in Washington photo slide show

Here’s a novel idea: Peak Cherry Blossoms in DC DURING their parade. It just so happens to work out this year, so expect quite a crowd as the weather will be great. But it will be worth it for sure.

A late bloom on April 10th was well worth the wait
A late bloom on April 10th was well worth the wait
Jim Schuyler
Predawn peak blossom view around the DC Tidal Basin
Mitch Lebovich

Call this Mother Nature paying us back for the Polar Vortex and seemingly endless winter storms. The mark of spring in the Mid Atlantic region can be gauged by the bloom in Washington, and it has been chaotic in the past few years. ‘Peak Bloom’ is defined as 70% of the trees around the Tidal Basin with full pink and white flowers showing. The 20 year average peak bloom is March 31st. In 2012, the peak bloom was on March 20th after a winter without a winter. That was about 2 weeks early, long before the festival, but not the record. (March 14 in 1946). The following year seemed to balance out on the opposite side of the average with an April 9th peak bloom.

This year the peak was declared by the National Parks Service on Thursday, April 10th. But that doesn’t mean you missed it. In fact the flowers can last on the trees 7-10 days. So with the parade on Saturday, a clear sky, and temperatures back into the 70s, this will be a great display. Perhaps an even larger crowd might be expected on Sunday as the heat builds and temps might approach 80F.

Check out the top 10 photos I have so far form this year’s bloom in the slide show. I was lucky to see a few flowers pop after finishing the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler last Sunday. I’ve included my own picture among this group, but when you see it you will understand why. I am hoping to gather an even larger collection to follow up for those who can’t get there in person.

For a little taste of the history of the Cherry Blossoms in Washington, see the video clip on the left.

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