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Cherry Blossom weddings are a hit in Washington DC

The bloom watch for Washington D.C. is finally up, and it looks like the cherry blossoms will peak bloom from April 8 to the 12 in 2014 according to the Believe it or not, ‘tis the season to celebrate the fleeting beauty of cherry blossoms in the Washington D.C. area again, and with that celebrations comes lots of cherry blossom themed weddings!

Cherry Blossom Wedding Inspiration -slide0
Claire Pettibone

Approximately 29% of weddings take place in spring, so why not take advantage of the beautiful cherry blossoms for a wedding? The beginning of spring provides the perfect weather for weddings, but it can also provide stunning beauty with delicate spring flowers like cherry blossoms. The soft pink hues of the cherry blossom blooms make for the perfect background on wedding days. The cherry blossom flowers can be incorporated into every aspect of the ceremony to add a touch of spring beauty to the special day.

If you are considering a cherry blossom inspired wedding for this year or next year, it can be a good idea to consult with Bridal Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist in Washington, DC. One of our favorite Bridal Beauty artists in Washington D.C. is Audrey Bethards, who has worked on countless cherry blossom wedding over the years.

Check out the slideshow from Audrey’s personal portfolio and other cherry blossom inspired weddings to catch a glimpse into the wonderful world of cherry blossom weddings. Perhaps these images can even serve as inspiration for your very own cherry blossom themed dream wedding!

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