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Cher calls Tea Party 'plague on mankind,' punctuates with a bomb

Cher advocates violence against Tea Party with bomb image in tweet.
Cher advocates violence against Tea Party with bomb image in tweet.
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On Thursday, Cher took to Twitter with another deranged message calling the Tea Party a "plague on mankind," and implied violence against the group by ending her short message with an image of a bomb, Twitchy reported. Twitchy noted that Cher has "something of an emoji addiction" but observed that most of her emoticons are not quite as violent.


Naturally, some agreed with Cher, apparently endorsing the idea of wiping out the Tea Party with explosive devices. Some even expressed appreciation for the bomb image Cher used.

"I like the little emoticon bomb at the end of the tweet," one person said. Another person expressed love for Cher and asked the celebrity to adopt her.

It's unknown what prompted Cher to explode in her latest fit of hate, but as Twitchy noted, it's not uncommon. And, Twitchy added, even though Cher was the one using an image to imply members of the Tea Party should be killed, she claimed it's the Tea Party who engages in hate.

But who, exactly, is the one engaging in hate? Last October, Cher sparked anger with another series of nearly incomprehensible tweets suggesting Tea Party Republicans be killed. She also called them the "devil incarnate" and suggested they be jailed prior to being eliminated.

A month later, she went on another rant, using a misogynist slur against Sarah Palin. In August 2012, she went after Todd Akin, saying it would be "karma" if the Missouri Republican were raped by a man with AIDS.

As we have reported numerous times, this type of eliminationist rhetoric is not uncommon from the left wing hate machine. Recently, for example, liberals called for Bundy supporters to be killed by federal drones.

Over the last three years, liberals have called for the deaths of a number of prominent conservatives, including Palin and former GOP nominee Mitt Romney. Some, like gay sex columnist Dan Savage and radio talk show host Mike Malloy, have gone completely berserk, advocating the death of every Republican in the country.

Others, including actress Marg Helgenberger and a member of the Texas Democratic Party executive committee, have advocated the death of gun owners and supporters of the NRA. Apparently, in the view of many leftists, all of the country's ills can be fixed through a form of political genocide.

As Twitchy noted, Cher's latest rant is part of that "new tone" adopted by the left. It's almost enough to make one think liberals like Cher really do want a second, bloody civil war.

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