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Cheney Brothers to create 380 new jobs in Florida

Cheney Brothers Inc. held a ground breaking ceremony in Charlotte County for a new distribution center and regional warehouse on March 5. When complete, the warehouse will provide more than 380 jobs and more than $40 million in capital investment for the surrounding community, according to a release from the Office of Governor Rick Scott dated March 5.

In the release, Governor Rick Scott was quoted as saying, “Florida has proven to be the perfect climate for business with the help of companies like Cheney Brothers. We’ve been working hard to create more jobs for families all over the state and since December 2010, we’ve created more than 462,000 private-sector jobs,” said Scott. In the release, Byron Russell, CEO and Chairman of Cheney Brothers, Inc. was quoted as saying, “We envision a wonderful and successful relationship with the communities, the families and businesses of this region,” said Russell.

Governor Rick Scott has taken a great deal of credit for more jobs being creating in Florida. But a common criticism is that these jobs are lower paying, part-time and offer few benefits. Many people appreciate a job, but they would like better jobs. “I am glad a company is offering more jobs. I really am, but I want those jobs to be first rate, high paying jobs, but fast food restaurant type jobs,” said Meghan Holmberg.

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