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Chemtrails, Geoengineering, and Clouds

How often do you look at clouds? Have you noticed the stripes in the sky? Some call them chemtrails, other call them geoengineering. What are they? They are mostly "aluminum chaff" released by planes and used to change weather patterns. A day or two after chemtrails appear (and they appear all too frequently), we have cloudy weather or rain. Some have suggested that we can mitigate "climate change" by geoengineering, and that people should be rewarded for dumping these things into our air, ultimately into our water and soil as well.

Rosalind Peterson recently explained the use and impacts of chemtrails to the United Nations General Assumbly. Her speech can be found at Why is this of concern to the UN? One reason is that many countries are engaged in geoengineering. There is only so much water in the sky. One country's geoengineering may be another country's nightmare. Aluminum has been linked to Altzheimer's Disease, so this is an issue that should be of interest to everyone.

What can you do? At this stage, the solution will have to be political and the path forward is not at all obvious. Raising awareness is a good start. Let your elected politicians know how you feel about this.

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