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Chemtrails and Surveillance Activist to Testify After Edward Snowden

Melanie Vristchan and Ed Snowden
Melanie Vristchan and Ed Snowden
Melanie Vristchan

Director of EUCAH arrested for submitting legislative proposal to EU Committee to ban Chemtrails and covert electronic harassment.

THE MOTIVE: Two days prior to Malanie’s December 30th arrest, the EU Human Rights committee had agreed to hear EUCACH testimony on electronic surveillance and harassment following an interview with Edward Snowden.

Jan 9, 2014 BRUSSELS – Melanie Vristchan, public information director of the European Coalition against Covert Harassment, describes how she was subjected to unlawful arrest and attempted psychiatric commitment only days after she was in contact with the Chairman of the Human Rights LIBE Committee of the European Parliament concerning EUCACH testimony regarding a proposed EU law to ban HAARP, chemtrails, and new physics implant mind control technologies. *** Continue reading