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Chemical pesticides make you fat

Pesticides are hazardous to your health and may make you gain weight.
Pesticides are hazardous to your health and may make you gain weight.
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What are Obesogens? As a green advocate, I've never been a big fan of chemicals or pesticides. Still, I had no idea that some chemicals and pesticides can make you gain weight. Astounding isn't it? From the ones in your veggies, to those in your water bottle, chemical culprits called obesogens are turning us into a nation of overweight individuals. We all know in our hearts that the chemicals and pesticides we encounter on a daily basis are bad for us. What we didn't know is we can lose weight by reducing them. Here's why.

Obesogens is a name coined to describe certain hormone disruptors.

These disruptors change the way the body metabolizes fat. There are several sources of obesogens. First, there is BPA (Bisphenol-a) which is found in plastics. Organotins are another obesogen. They are found in pesticides. Phthalates are the third main obesogen. You will find them in plastics and also in cosmetics and perfumes. Of course, there are other obesogens. The best way to avoid them is to stay away from man made or processed items. Going green can help you stay thin in surprising ways.

Obesogens are in the water.

It can make you fat if you don't filter it. We normally think of water as a positive weight loss tool. While this is true of the water itself, what's in the water is the issue. Water often contains chemical pesticide run-off from nearby farms. Why is this so bad? The chemicals and hormones in the water can change our body processes, slowing down our metabolism. Add a granular activated charcoal filter to your drinking water faucet for best results.

Obesogens are in the food.

They can make you fat if you don't go green. Nearly everything we eat these days contains chemical pesticides and hormones. Think you're washing it off? Think again. Pesticides seep into our food from the root system. Hormones and antibiotics are injected into the meat we eat. How can we stop this madness? Grow your own food. Choose organic meat and dairy products. Why? All these obesogens increase the number of fat cells in our bodies, making it difficult to lose weight. So, we get fat.

Obesogens are in bottles, cans and utensils.

Choose ecofriendly containers and utensils to avoid weight gain. We've all heard of the chemical BPA. What we didn't know (until now) is that BPA is one of those chemicals that can make you fat. What BPA does is effect insulin levels in the body. Insulin regulates fat storage. Watch out for non-stick cookware as well. If you use it, choose wooden utensils over plastic (which contains BPA) or metal (which can scratch the chemical coating off the pans). That's right, non-stick coatings can make you fat. Remember, cans are sometimes coated with BPA as well.

Obesogens are in high fructose corn syrup and white sugar.

While these are not considered chemicals, they are a man made product. Manufacturers would have us believe they are as natural as flowing wheat fields and blue sky. These substances are anything but green. Fructose attacks the liver, causing fat overproduction. It also impacts a substance called leptin which increases feeling of hunger. White sugar has long been renowned for multiplying fat cells. Don't let them fool you. Neither of these are green products. Plus, both can make you fat, even though the label says fat free.

The obesogens in air freshener can make you fat.

Breathing them in is every bit as dangerous as eating them. Even your own perfume can make you gain weight. After hearing this, I'm seriously considering tossing all those pretty smelling scents I got for Christmas. How can you and your home still smell good? Consider using herbs, potpourri and extracts instead. Women of the past used vanilla and lavender extracts as perfume. Why not try this go green perfume? Personally, I'm all for anything that's good for me and helps me lose weight too. I'm staying away from obesogens. I have enough trouble losing weight without being sabotaged.



This article was previously published by this author on a now closed Yahoo property.

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