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Chemical-free design furniture in California

Manhattan Sectional
Manhattan Sectional
Artitfort / Arttitud

Buying furniture is not only about design and ones needs to think about the health impact of such a purchase. Is it safe? Does it contain a health hazard?

The expertise of an interior designer or furniture expert will help as they keep on top of the newest safety rules and latest design trends.

With this in mind we want to share with you that California regulations often have an impact far beyond the State, such as TB117: a California Fire Safety standard established in 1975.

Originally drafted to protect cigarette manufacturers from lawsuits, this standard resulted in flame retardants- later found to be carcinogenic- to be applied to foam used inside furniture.

Compliance with this standard often resulted in furniture manufacturers giving this treatment to all of their furniture for all of North America.

Furthermore, manufacturers overseas were also forced to add these chemicals to products sold in California and elsewhere.

In 2006, Green Science Policy Institute started lobbying to remove the chemical requirements from TB117.

This year, the old standard was finally eliminated and replaced with a new TB117-2013 Standard which can be met without toxins.

The new standard also applies to the exterior upholstery, which was not a part of the original law.

All of this is good news for environmentally conscious California consumers.

"I was a candidate for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Woman of Year in 2013, and have had many friends affected by cancer. Therefore, I understand about cancer concerns," states Tatiana Takaeva, owner of San Francisco based showroom Arttitud.

"As a furniture showroom owner, I constantly have customers ask if there is a way they can order furniture that does not have the California fireproofing chemicals added," shares Takaeva.

Fortunately, now we know that with the new laws the public can indeed order furniture without the cancer-causing chemicals.

We recommend that when you shop you proceed with caution. Do not be afraid of asking questions and go to a reputable furniture showroom.

Special thanks to Ted Terbo and Tatiana Takaeva.

For more information on the Green Science Policy Institute.

For more about Arttitud.


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