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'Chelsea Lately' finale featured a shower scene and star-studded singalong

On Tuesday, August 26, "Chelsea Lately" aired its live one-hour series finale on the E! network. Host Chelsea Handler came out to a standing ovation from the studio audience. She showed a pre-recorded sketch of her arguing in the shower with Ellen DeGeneres. She had done two previous shower sketches, one with Sandra Bullock and one with Conan O'Brien. DeGeneres opted to wear a suit and shower cap, though.

No longer on 'E'
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images for AFI

Handler went on thank her roundtable comedians that were featured over the years. Her sidekick, Chuy Bravo, introduced them to come onstage in groups. They were lovingly and sorted by groups that he called "The Blacks", "The White Guys", "The Jews", "The Asians", "Men Over 40", "People Who Need Therapy", "Four Women On Staff I Haven't Slept With", "People With Voices Only Dogs Can Hear", and "The Lesbians". Many of those comedians were also on the writing staff.

Her friends Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Aniston, and Mary McCormack joined Chelsea to give her an intervention. They read letters that detailed her 'problems'. McCormack inferred that her future job at Netflix was code for rehab. Aniston told her to stop copying her and take better care of her hygiene, and Bullock told her she hasn't been cool since she broke up with 50 Cent and escorted Handler's former lover from backstage. The reunion between Chelsea and 'Fiddy' was actually sweet and flirtatious. He hugged her, picked her up, and twirled her. The rapper sang the song, "Watch Me". After that, there was a highlight reel featuring visually funny clips from "Chelsea Lately."

A segment was given to the friendship and professional relationship between Chelsea and Chuy. Clips were shown and Bravo told her in a video how much he loves her and she's changed her life. Handler was moved by what the man she calls "my little nugget" presented.

Miley Cyrus sang the song, "It's Over" by Roy Orbison. After that was an insanely star-studded performance of everyone who had already been introduced and many, many surprise guests singing a song called "Goodbye to E!" done in the style of "We Are the World". The amount of celebrities of music, television, movies, and space exploration (Buzz Aldrin!) singing this farewell song with Chelsea was astonishing. Dave Grohl, Gwen Stefani, Melissa McCarthy, Fergie, Joel McHale, Johnny Knoxville, Tim Gunn, Diablo Cody, Allison Janney, the list goes on and on... Oscar winner Marlee Matlin was even at the side of the stage signing the song's lyrics. Here's the link to the video:

Chelsea said her final goodbye in front of all of her guests, staff, and her dog, Chunk. She thanked everyone involved with the show, the network, her family, and her fans. "I'm really, really appreciative that I've been given this opportunity by E!, that I had this show that is so much fun for me, that it is so much fun for all these people...I am grateful for this career...I'll see you on Netflix!"

"Chelsea Lately" was on E! for seven years. Handler will have a new show in 2016 that will stream on Netflix.

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