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Chelsea Houska on Adam's new girlfriend: "How long 'til this girl's pregnant?"

'Teen Mom 2' star Adam Lind shows off his muscular physique
'Teen Mom 2' star Adam Lind shows off his muscular physique
Adam Lind/Instagram

Chelsea Houska is not excited about Adam Lind's revolving door-style love life. In the upcoming episode of "Teen Mom 2," Houska, the mother of Lind's four-year-old, finds out about Lind's new girlfriend -- and she's not happy.

Speaking to a friend, Houska vents about Lind and how he will likely have the new girl pregnant in no time. She also addresses her relationship with Lind's ex-girlfriend, Taylor Halbur, the mother of his 11-month-old.

In the new sneak peek, via a Sept. 3 report by Wetpaint Entertainment, Houska asks her friend, "How long 'til this girl's pregnant?" Then, she reveals Halbur contacts her regularly when she and Lind break up.

"She texts me every time they break up," Houska revealed, adding that she apologized to her, saying "I'm so sorry for always posting pictures of Aubree, because now I know what it's like."

Following Halbur's split from Lind in May, Lind began sharing photos of himself and his new girlfriend with his and Halbur's daughter, Paislee. Lind's girlfriend, Jessica, did the same.

Either way, Houska is no friend of Halburs. In fact, she'd prefer if Halbur not contact her at all.

"Don't be my friend. I don't want to be your friend," she said. "I'm not going to sit there and talk s**t about Adam with you."

Lind has reportedly been dating Jessica since June, one month after he split from Halbur.

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