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Chelsea Houska explains herself following 'Teen Mom 2' season five reunion show

'Teen Mom 2' star Chelsea Houska and daughter Aubree.
'Teen Mom 2' star Chelsea Houska and daughter Aubree.
Chelsea Houska/Instagram

Chelsea Houska was dragged through the ringer on Tuesday night's Teen Mom 2" reunion special.

While chatting with Dr. Drew and her child's father, Adam Lind, it was alleged that Houska had slept with a couple of people close to Lind -- and that she had slept with Lind while his longtime girlfriend, Taylor Halbur, was pregnant with their first child.

Although Houska has long been a fan favorite, several fans questioned her behavior and tweeted to her with slams and insults following the show.

Then, on Wednesday, April 23, Houska took to Twitter where she addressed the backlash.

"I don't usually comment on things said/done on the show BUT to the people giving me sh*t for some stuff that aired on part 2 of the reunion: I'm sure if your sex life was plastered all over national television you wouldn't look like an angel either."

She also re-tweeted a message from her best friend, Landon, which read, "People make mistakes but you live & you learn & I've seen a tremendous amount of growth in you :) keep your head up boo."

Houska is still very young and has a lot to learn, but unlike most, she's going through it all on TV, so she's bound to get some backlash here and there -- especially when it comes to Lind.

For years, Houska and Lind have been back and forth, but for the most part, Lind has been a negative influence on Houska, and has disappointed her frequently. So, to hear that she went back to him regardless of that was disappointing to see.

Hopefully, she's finally learned her lesson.

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