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Chelsea Houska defends herself after her hook ups with Adam Lind is revealed

Part two of the "Teen Mom 2" reunion was quite tough on Chelsea Houska. As reported by Wetpaint Entertainment on Wednesday, April 23, the reunion revealed some details of her life that she probably would've preferred to keep secret, one of them being that she actually hooked up with her ex-boyfriend and daughter's father Adam Lind in 2013, when he was on a break from Taylor Halbur. This shocked and disappointed many fans, since Adam and Chelsea have had such a tumultuous and volatile relationship over the years.

Chelsea Houska
Chelsea Houska / Twitter

Taylor and Adam, who now have a daughter together, were on a bit of a break a year ago. Chelsea confirmed that she and Adam were hooking up while Taylor was out of the picture but very much pregnant with Adam's child. Chelsea seemed to be embarrassed over her behavior, saying ""I don't know what to say" while Adam admitted that his back-and-forth relationship with Chelsea has "been tough" on Taylor.

Understandably, Chelsea has received a lot of flak from the public for what she did. However, instead of hiding under a rock, she has lashed out at her critics for being hypocrites. On Wednesday, April 23, the morning after the reunion aired, she fired off a tweet saying that if her critics's sex lives were aired on national television, they probably wouldn't look like angels either. Many of her fans replied to say that they support her, that everyone makes mistakes and that they have seen a great deal of growth in her through the years.

Fans of "Teen Mom 2" who believe that Adam Lind is no good for Chelsea Houska are probably hoping right now that she has the willpower to stay away from him, especially now that he and Taylor Halbur have reportedly broken up. Taylor herself seems to be excited to move on with her new life. Shortly after the rumored break up, she tweeted that she's excited to start a new chapter in her life and is taking the bull by the horns.

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