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Chelsea Clinton on surgery: Quadruple bypass made Bill Clinton change lifestyle

Chelsea Clinton talked about her dad's heart surgery on Marlo Thomas' Internet show. According to ABC News on March 17, the former first daughter said that President Clinton's quadruple bypass radically changed her father's life.

Chelsea Clinton:  Quadruple bypass radically changed dad Bill's life
Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images

Chelsea said that Bill Clinton recently went to the doctor for a checkup and was given a glowing review. In fact, the physician told the former President of the United States that his heart today is much younger than it was ... ten years ago."

A vegan diet, dropping more than 30 pounds and regular low impact exercise were the reasons given why. Chelsea Clinton said her dad "decided to get healthy."

The former President's daughter, who is a health, equality and safe world advocate, said she and her mom were thrilled with the action Bill took after undergoing such a dramatic operation.

Chelsea said, "[My dad] didn’t need my mom or me to pressure him to do that. I think having a quadruple bypass surgery was sufficiently sobering."

Now a heathy example to other men about after surviving his quadruple bypass, Bill Clinton is an inspiration to his daughter. Because of this transformation, Chelsea Clinton is proud of her 67-year-old dad who took his surgery as a sign that things needed to change. Now they have -- for the good and then some.

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