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Chela Lujan’s X’s and O’s marks The Spot

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Chela Lujan let her presence be known at The Spot, on Jan. 12. She was the main support and Brian Wolfe was the opening act. Poetry was read by Sara Crowe, Katrina Gonzales was the featured artist and The Hopeful Heroines was the headlining act.

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Before Lujan began her set with “Mary Mary”—she tuned and played her guitar. While doing so—Bryson Foster, master of ceremonies and founder of Glasshouse Pueblo, began to introduce Lujan. She then approached the microphone and went onto say she noticed the common theme of gardening, after watching the other acts and art pieces surrounding her. Shortly after, she spoke of the worm compost she and her partner had been working on and how she hopes to include it in a future children’s book.

After performing “West Edge Of Town”, Lujan stated how the house show was ‘awesome’. An audience member yelled from the living room and said the song was “awesome”. She went onto say she could not take credit for writing the song. She said her brother, Inaiah Lujan, wrote it and how much she loved the song.

When the applause and cheers settled—Lujan spoke of the inspiration behind her song, “Omi”. She remembered when she resided with her brother and his girlfriend, years ago. Then, she recalled when they took a vacation to Hawaii and left her behind. She recalled being jealous of the two of them. Afterwards, she said it was a blessing in disguise because it gave her time to write many songs.

Lujan mentioned Patsy Cline had influence her style. As a result, she wrote a country song titled “I’m Sorry I’m In Love With Someone Else”. After she introduced the name of the song, some of the women in attendance spoke amongst themselves and praised the name of her song.

At the end of “Wedding Song”, Lujan hoped it would be the last song to end her recital with. A spectator requested one more song and then more voices joined in. With her banjo still intact, she ended with “Earthquake”. Midway through, she spoke and said if she had a country band—the pedal steel guitar solo would go there. Later, she tapped the base of her banjo to provide a bit of percussion. In the end, she thanked those in attendance and parted the stage.

“My Banjo Song” was also part of Chela Lujan’s set.