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Chef Michael Vignola of the famed Strip House shares his grilling tips

Easy how-tos for grilling a perfect steak
Easy how-tos for grilling a perfect steak
Strip House

We are now in the heart of the summer outdoor barbeque season. The grills are fired up and ready to cook up delicious steaks. With the price of a good choice cut, and an audience of hungry friends and family drooling as they can smell the grilling meal, it is important to plan, understand and know exactly how to grill the perfect steak.

Chef Michael Vignola of the Strip House restaurant, known for its steaks, passes on expert grilling tips.

Anyone who has visited Strip House knows that Steak is what they do and know best. Who better than the Strip House Executive Chef to lend some wonderful tips to amateur grillers looking to create the perfectly cooked steak.

The famed Strip House celebrity Executive Chef Michael Vignola aims to help all to be prepared to make the yummiest steak dishes ever with the following tips.

1: Make it Thick and Marbled.

The best steaks for home grilling are natures perfectly marbled beef rib eye steaks or bone-in rib eye steaks often called Cowboy Steaks. The marbling enhances the flavor of these cuts while basting the meat in the cooking process to ensure a juicy steak. When selecting your steaks try to get one that is at least a 1-1 ½ thick. The thickness will help in achieving that bull’s-eye red center of perfection. I prefer buying a larger thicker cut steak and carving for my friends and family.

2: Oil it.

Use a canola and olive oil blended oil to coat the steak before seasoning it. Either an 80/20 or 90/10 blended oil will get the job done. Be sure to lightly coat the steak. The oil will allow the surface temperature to get seared fast ensuring a juicier final product as well as greatly aiding the charring of the meat’s surfaces. Save your expensive olive oils for salads where their subtle flavors will shine brightest.

3: Season Simply.

A well-marbled steak needs only coarsely ground black pepper and kosher salt to bring flavor perfection. It really is a case of the sum being greater than the parts. Be sure to season a bit more than you might regularly season a sautéed item. Some of the steak’s seasoning will be lost in the grilling process. You want to be sure to have enough on the steak to get the job done.

4: Don’t spare the BTUs.

It is all about heat. High heat sears the cooking surface of the meat ensuring a juicier steak and allows the charring to happen. With high heat, one can get a nicely charred rare steak. A little flame is your friend; a lot of flame is a definite concern. Keep two sides of the grill hot and move the steak to the second hot spot if the first grilling area is aggressively flaming up. Dousing with water is a last resort; you want to keep the grill as hot as possible. But if it’s between the house going up and a well charred steak, I’d give a nod to keeping the house intact.

5: Don’t flip out.

Don’t drag the steak over the grill when turning. Once you have started the steak on the hot spot leave it be, allow it the meat to sear evenly and produce a beautiful char. Once the meat is charred pick it up and flip onto the cooler spot of your grill. Flipping the steak too often can sabotage the charring of the meat and eliminate most of the seasoning on the steak. Pick it up in one motion and place it back with the same motion.

6: Rest and Relax.

Once you have achieved the desired temperature, remove the steak from the heat and allow it to rest for at least 5 minutes on a grate over a pan before cutting it. You want to make sure there is air all around the steak to stop the cooking process. The internal juices will redistribute throughout the steak and the steak will relax and become tender. Cutting too soon will allow the juices to spill out turning a medium rare steak into a medium plus steak. I have done this and I was sad.

7: Sizzle and Use Sea Salt (aka Good News/Bad News).

The Good News: After the steak has rested. Return it to the grill for about 30 seconds on each side just before serving to get a surface sizzle going. A little sprinkle of a grey sea salt on the steak allows for a gentle and focused re-seasoning of the steak. The Bad News: People will make you do all the grilling from now on.

Don't forget to use a good steak knife to really enjoy your meal.

One needs a knife that is designed to perfectly cut steak and feed an appetite with precision. Strip House has recently teamed up with Schmidt Bros. Cutlery on a co-branded steak knife with a patented curve that helps to guide your blade with greater precision and control.

The Strip House knife has a unique sharpness to the blade allowing you to cut, not tear, steak. This ultimately gives you more flavor from the meat since the juices stay in the meat as opposed applying more pressure while cutting and releasing the juices.

The knife also pitches in with safety and better overall technique. It allows the weight of the blade to get distributed under your thumb and forefingers, so the knife isn’t so blade-heavy towards the tip. Additionally, it creates a longer line for rocking the blade. Anyone will be able to purchase a set of four at to perfectly complement a well prepared steak dinner.

Enjoy the delicacies of summer grilling and never be afraid to dance!

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