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Chef Elliot loses 150 pounds with surgery, low carb diet; weight loss hypnosis

Chef Elliot lost 150 pounds.
Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images

Chefs traditionally have been plump and jolly, with the cheerfully chubby Julia Childs serving as a role model. But in our weight loss-wise society today, chefs increasingly are devoting as much time to diet and exercise as to stirring up masterpieces in the kitchen. Now celebrity chef Graham Elliot is revealing how he lost 150 pounds, reported Seattle PI on August 17.

Maintaining his weight loss while serving as a judge on "MasterChef" and restaurateur isn't easy. But Elliot is determined to follow the low carb diet that is required after his bariatric surgery last year. And his children help to keep him motivated.

Prior to his weight loss, Elliot recalls going to his son's kindergarten class. The children joked about his size.

"One of the boys took a soccer ball, put it under his shirt, and said, "I'm Mylo's dad! Look how fat I am!" I decided right then and there to make a change. I vowed never again to embarrass my children," said the chef.

Elliot completed his first 10K run in Chicago recently. In addition to exercising regularly, he is careful about his diet.

His low carb plan eliminates almost all pasta, bread, soda and beer, focusing on vegetables and protein. A typical dinner features salmon or chicken with vegetables.

Dr. Vivek Prachand, director of minimally invasive surgery at the University of Chicago Medicine, discussed his patient's procedure and follow-up food plan. One challenge was the food tasting required in the chef's life.

"Multiple small tastings are central to Elliot's work," the surgeon explained to the University of Chicago Medicine's Imagine magazine. For that reason, he recommended a gastric sleeve designed to reduce the stomach into a banana shape.

Elliot has followed through with making sure his environment makes it easy to stay on his low carb diet. He told People magazine that he has requested his MasterChef dressing room includes almonds and seaweed chips rather than candy.

"In the past I would get stressed and ask craft services for cookies and candy," he admitted. "But now I know my stomach is the size of a banana and I need to have food that just gives me energy. So I can either have a moment of sweetness but feel really bad or I can order something delicious and light like sashimi."

But what if you don't qualify for weight loss surgery and want the same benefits? A woman says that she succeeded in losing 150 pounds with a hypnotic gastric bypass, reported Fox 40 on August 19.

At her heaviest, Julie Evans weighed 287 pounds and wore a size 24. Then she heard about hypnosis gastric bypass with a certified hypnotist, Rena Greenberg, who had helped her mother.

While gastric bypass surgery downsizes the stomach's size, hypnosis gastric bypass attempts to do a virtual version of the procedure. Under the trance, patients hear about every aspect of the surgery. As a result, they mentally believe that their stomachs are smaller and therefore eat less.

For Evans, that mental image succeeded. "I physically couldn’t eat as much as I had been, and I only wanted really healthy things," she revealed. "I haven’t had a soda since that day, whereas before, it was every day."

In addition to changing her diet, Evans began to exercise. She maintains her 150-pound weight loss and now wears a size six.

Greenberg's approach is not unique. Famed hypnotist Paul McKenna wrote a book with a CD and DVD about the concept: "Hypnotic Gastric Band: The New Surgery-Free Weight-Loss System."

In an exclusive interview, McKenna revealed that he designed the book package to take dieters through the process in detail of having a gastric band fitted. It is designed to induce your mind and body to re-create the benefits of weight loss surgery. He conducted several years of research and testing prior to the publication.

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