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Cheesecake Factory Chicago review - gluten-free french fries, anyone?

Cheesecake is very much a non-gluten-free item. So, typically, is any fried food at a restaurant, regardless of whether the actual food being fried contains gluten. This is due to the cross-contamination from other gluten-containing items also fried. While the Cheesecake Factory's claim-to-fame cheesecakes are still not safe, you can gobble french fries all day long at Chicago's Magnificent Mile Cheesecake Factory, located in the basement of the Hancock Tower. This news may be a newly-discovered miracle to some Celiacs, many of whom have not touched a true-blue french fry at a restaurant since their diagnosis. The reason for this delightful news is because this Cheesecake Factory uses a dedicated fryer for all its non-gluten items.

It must be mentioned that the Cheesecake Factory does not offer a gluten-free menu, or any formalized indication of allergens. However, the wait staff, management and chefs at this location seem to have a firm grasp of gluten and all its potential hazards. After informing your server of your "condition", the manager and kitchen will be notified, and a list of suggested menu items may be brought back to you. If you are not satisfied with the suggestions, staff is more than happy to play ping pong with your questions and the kitchen, relaying whether your choice(s) are safe or not. Furthermore, the manager is known to personally speak with your table to assure that all items are being prepared in a safe, clean kitchen environment, and that you can sit back and enjoy your evening of solid grub and a wonderful atmosphere.

Speaking of atmosphere, diners at this Cheesecake Factory location enjoy a decor of surreal, avant garde shapes, textures and materials throughout the dining area. Salvador Dali would be proud. This atmosphere combined with safe french fries, good food and knowledgeable staff is sure to present you with an unforgettable dining experience.


  • Gluten Free Dee 5 years ago

    Ryan I'd love to have you do reviews for some GF Products. I represent several companies and would love to have you and your wife give your opinions on several items. If you're interested, please send your email address to and I'll send a form for you to complete. Happy to finally find a male GF Examiner!

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