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Cheese recall strengthens prayer life

Chef Gabriel Luddy cuts a wheel of dry aged jack cheese at Vella Cheese
Chef Gabriel Luddy cuts a wheel of dry aged jack cheese at Vella Cheese
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Cheese recall leads to increase in prayer before eating

According to an August 31 news report from ABC News Los Angeles; Kraft is recalling almost 8,000 cases of Kraft Singles. The cases are being recalled as precautionary measure. Based on how the cheese was handled, consuming the cheese may lead to food poisoning. The cheese may also spoil prematurely. The article lists the “best when used by date” of the potentially contaminated cheese. According to WCSH Channel 6, the cheese was produced at a Kraft plant in Missouri.

The Food and Drug Administration is the Governmental body that oversees food recalls and safety alerts. In addition to the Kraft recall, there were 2 other recalls reported by the FDA on August 29. One was for Dole Bagged Spinach; the other was Parmesan Cheese made by 4C Foods.

In the Bible, Jesus stopped and prayed before the feeding 5,000 with fishes and loaves. Also, in the Model Prayer, Jesus told his disciples that giving thanks to God for food should be done daily. Neither prayer addressed food safety. They book addressed provision. The book of Malachi does speak to bringing defiled food to God’s altar; but that speaks to spiritual sanctification, and not food safety.

85 people over the age of 15 were asked about the Kraft recall. Almost 25% of those surveyed (17) had no knowledge of it. A little more than half of those surveyed (47) were familiar with the recall. Of those, only 1% said that recalls impact their short and long term spending habits. 10% of those surveyed do not eat cheese.

Kraft joins General Motors in the recall spotlight. Like it or not; recalls are going to happen. As long as humans and the human element are involved, mistakes will happen. Do recalls impact your purchasing habits? Do recalls impact your prayer life at all?

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