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Cheers to a new beginning

Where there’s an ending there’s always a new beginning. Life is an evolving door at times. When one thing stops, the next begins. You can compare this perspective to “if it’s not one thing, it’s the next;” I can relate to that here and now as I type up this message. However, I won’t let a bad ending determine my new beginning.
We can always start over, there’s nothing to it but to do it; but you must believe. Today on the radio I heard a pastor say what you expect is what you will get and that we have to have high anticipations. If you expect to fail or for something to go wrong then more than likely it will. But today I proclaimed that my week ahead of me will be great, and guess what, I had a nice start today!
A year just came to a close and while your 2009 may have not had the best ending, 2010 can be your new beginning. Expect great things and you will receive even better!



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