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Cheers! Arizona Haunted Sites celebrates five years of tantalizing ghost stories

Author Debe Branning explores Leap Castle
Photo courtesy of Cindy Lee

Happy Hauntings! Today the Examiner of Arizona Haunted Sites and Haunted Places is celebrating FIVE years of sharing ghost stories of enchanting Arizona and other mysterious places around the country. These stories are designed for readers who want to learn where they might find a ghost to investigate, or where ghosts have been sited throughout history. It is to inform readers where current paranormal conventions or conferences will be held, and share reviews on the latest published books on the subject of ghostly phenomena. It is also meant to be fun and entertaining!

Here are ten of the favorite columns shared with readers from the past five years. What was your favorite story from the Arizona Haunted Sites or Haunted Places Examiner? Subscribe to both of these columns and read them with a light on! Hit the subscribe button under the photo!

Be sure and CLICK on each highlighted field below!

1. What are the Blythe Intaglios and how how did they get there? Something everyone needs to see!

2. Take a humorous hike up to Doc Holliday’s Grave in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, if you dare!

3. Travel down to the border in search for the hidden Crook Tunnel Be careful of snakes and “other” dangers!

4. Drive up to Globe, Arizona and visit the ruins of Bash Ba Gowah. Locals say they still see spirits lingering in the shadows.

5. Travel over to Nebraska and solve the case of the mysterious ghost seen near a ravine.

6. Get the “scoop” on the ghosts at Mary Coyle’s ice cream parlor. I want two scoops of chocolate!

7. Are there singing sands in Hawaii ? Wonderful!

8. There was once a street in Tucson called Maiden Lane…is one of the ladies still haunting the area?

9. Go to Sleepy Hollow and visit the haunted Lyndhurst Mansion…the set of movie’s Dark Shadows.

10. And don’t forget to make a stop at the House of Seven Gables in Salem.

But! Don’t stop there! There are more than 950 ghost tales for you to read in the Arizona Haunted Sites and Haunted Places columns!

Thanks for being a faithful reader to Arizona Haunted Sites. Enjoy these favorites and be sure and visit the exciting Haunted Places page when you feel like stepping out of Arizona!

Subscribe to both of these columns and read them with a light on! Hit the subscribe button under the photo!

For more information: Debe Branning

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