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Cheerleader death investigated: Dani Cogswell's death a suspected drug overdose

Dani Cogswell's cheerleader death is being investigated as a suspected drug overdose
Photo via Tim Elliot/WLKY Twitter page

A University of Louisville cheerleader death is being investigated as a possible drug overdose. Dani Cogswell was found dead Monday in her off-campus apartment, and authorities have said all along that no foul play was suspected. The Courier-Journal shared the latest details on Thursday.

Cogswell, 22, had transferred to the University of Louisville last year. While police are waiting for toxicology reports, which may take 60 to 90 days, at this point authorities indicate that the cheerleader's death investigation seemingly points to an overdose. Beyond that, the police are saying very little. There has been no indication as of yet what drugs may have been involved or what was found at her apartment.

Kenny Klein, the U of L sports information director, has noted that cheerleaders at the school are not subject to the drug testing policy the school has in place. NCAA rules require screening of student athletes, but cheerleading is not an NCAA-sponsored sport so those rules do not apply. It seems the school's website does not that cheerleaders may be subject to random drug testing, but that doesn't seem to have come up in the case of Cogswell.

Dani is from Sammamish, Washington, and had attended Arizona State for a while. She transferred to the University of Louisville, and spirit coach Todd Sharp said she was “in the upper echelon of our program.” Her death comes as a shock to all of her family and friends, who are naturally devastated by her sudden passing.

At this time little is being revealed about the cheerleader death investigation. Authorities have declined to reveal any details regarding who found her or where she was found, other than it seems to have been at her Cardinal Towne apartment and that they suspect it was a drug overdose. Those following the Dani Cogswell death will need to stay tuned for further developments.

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