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Cheerios Super Bowl commercial: Biracial family returns in new ad (Video)

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While most Super Bowl commercials are nearly as anticipated as the halftime show or even the game for some people, the new Cheerios Super Bowl commercial will likely stand apart from all the rest on Sunday evening. It will do this because it's special and it's beautiful but mostly because, in so many ways, it's real.

Beyond simply entertaining us and encouraging sales of the product being offered, the Cheerios brand took a stand when they produced this ad. They took a stand against bigotry, racism and ignorance. They sent a message. Check it out linked below.

Cheerios Super Bowl Commercial 2014: Cereal Brand Thumbs Nose at Racism in Awesome New Ad

Just how did a cereal brand accomplish all that with a quick commercial? If you have a TV or the Internet in your home, you may remember outcry over a previous Cheerios ad campaign that featured a biracial family and a sweet little girl wanting her dad to eat more Cheerios to protect his heart. What could be more wholesome, innocent and beautiful?

The answer, according to the bigots who complained about the ad's content, would be to either cast an all black or all-white family or all any race for that matter, but heaven forbid two races should blend and produce such a beautiful little girl as Gracie. Gracie, actually 6-year-old actress Grace Colbert, the star of last year's inexplicably controversial ad, is again featured prominently in the new Cheerios Super Bowl commercial (click to watch), but that's not all. The brand went one step further to make certain there was no mistaking their message. We applaud them. Thank you, Cheerios.

We don't want to spoil the fun by saying anymore. You can watch what we are already willing to bet is the best of all the Super Bowl commercials 2014 at the above link. Leave us a comment telling us what you think below.

Fun Fact: Gracie's parents in the commercial are her real parents. How fun for their family! On the other hand, how sad; those who complained weren't just making a judgment call about what aired on their TV, but were commenting on whether or not it's acceptable for this family to exist just as they are.

How is it any different to see this little family shilling a well-known breakfast cereal on the screen versus encountering them out in the world, shopping at the mall or dining at the next table at a restaurant? To anyone who discriminates against Cheerios using a biracial family in their ads: If you can handle them in 3-D (and you sort of have to, since they, you know, exist and all...), you should probably be able to handle watching them eat breakfast on television for thirty seconds. Unless you think it threatens the institution of breakfast or something, in which case you can feel free to change the channel, not buy any Cheerios ever and then go do a few other things, too, but we can't print those.

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