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Cheerios removes GMOs while General Mills stands behind safety

Cheerios will no longer contain GMO products but General Mills insists GMOs are safe.

Cheerios will no longer contain GMOs, or genetically modified organisms, after General Mills agreed to drop the GMOs following consumer pressure, the Los Angeles Times reported on Jan. 3.

Cheerios will no longer include two GMO products — bioengineered corn starch and sugar cane, said General Mills, one of the world’s largest food manufacturers.

While the Cheerios move was hailed by many as a positive step, General Mills said the move away from GMOs applies only to original Cheerios, and it continues to maintain on its website that GMOs are safe.

General Mills also conceded that other cereals may continue to contain GMOs, writing, “But some Cheerios varieties use other grains, such as corn, that may be grown from GM seed.”

The Cheerios move was not about food safety or about consumer pressure, General Mills said in a blog post. General Mills continues to stand behind the use of GMOs.

Still, the Cheerios move comes after a year-long campaign by a consumer activist group for General Mills to drop the GMOs. GMO Inside, which opposes GMOs, had encouraged consumers on Facebook to urge General Mills to drop the GMOs.

Meantime, the Cheerios Facebook page was full of praise from consumers happy that Cheerios will no longer use GMOs.

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