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Cheerios controversial ad: Biracial cereal commercial back for 2014 Super Bowl

A Cheerios controversial ad is back, just in time for the NFL's Super Bowl XVIII. The biracial Cheerios ad, which features an interracial couple with an adorable daughter, was the subject of racist comments on General Mills' YouTube channel. Comments were pulled and the buzz died down, but a new biracial Cheerios commercial is scheduled for Super Bowl Sunday, citing a Jan. 29 CBS News report.

Boxes of Cheerios cereal, made by General Mills, sit on the shelf at a grocery store September 23, 2009 in Berkeley, California.
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Cheerios' controversial commercial is the cereal-maker's attempt to take the lead in changing the business of the mainstream media, which lags behind the status-quo regarding racial diversity in America.

The new ad marked the first time the company featured a mixed family in its commercial lineup. The Cheerios ad stars a white mom, black dad, and their adorable mixed daughter, Gracie.

While the child's mom is sitting at the kitchen table, the inquisitive Gracie asks her about the heart health benefits of Cheerios.

Once she gets a short lesson in how it helps the ticker, the young girl runs off -- with a box of cereal in tow -- to her dad, who is napping on the sofa. He later wakes up and discovers – with a whodunit look on his face -- a serving of cereal on his chest in the spot where his heart lies. It was touching to say the least.

However, despite the video going viral on YouTube with thousands of views, scores of hate-fueled comments were left behind, which prompted GM to intervene. The nasty Cheerios ad comments were pulled. And along with the racist comments left on the site, the company fielded many telephone calls with demands to nix the commercial, to no avail.

On the new Cheerios ad, Camille Gibson, vice president of marketing, had this to say:

We fell in love with this family. We thought the big game provided an opportunity to tell a story about family love."

The new commercial features the same family, but this time, Gracie learns her mom is pregnant and she has a little brother on the way. Not to be outdone, the spunky little girl wheels and deals to get a puppy out of the deal.

Imagine that?

More to come on the Cheerios controversial ad. Share your thoughts below.


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