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Cheerios brings back interracial couple for 2014 Super Bowl commercial

It is time for the 2014 Super Bowl commercials and Cheerios is taking a big chance with their commercial. On Jan. 29, Time shared their new commercial for this year and they are bringing back the interracial couple that was in their ad before. This ad caused a lot of controversy, but they don't seem to mind it.


You can check out the new commercial on this page. The dad is wide awake this time and talking to their little girl about a new baby joining the family. They use the Cheerios to show how many people will be in their household and she decides that it is time for a puppy too. Of course she is able to talk daddy into it, but mom isn't so sure about it all.

This little girl is adorable and it is great to see Cheerios bring this family back together again for another commercial. This will probably be one that is talked about a lot this year from the 2014 Super Bowl.

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