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'Cheer Perfection' star Alisha Dunlap speaks out on arrests of JD, others

Alisha Dunlap of 'Cheer Perfection' is speaking out on arrests
Alisha Dunlap of 'Cheer Perfection' is speaking out on arrests
Photo credit: TLC

Fans of the hit reality show “Cheer Perfection” have been shocked by headlines this week about people featured on the show. Now the show's front-and-center star Alisha Dunlap is speaking out about what has happened, and where she goes from here. Arkansas Matters shared the details on Jan. 15.

Alisha Dunlap is the co-owner of the popular Cheer Time Revolution gym that is seen in “Cheer Perfection.” While the show aired two seasons of episodes on TLC, CTR itself is a big business for Dunlap. Now, she's buried in inquiries after three people tied to the gym have been arrested all this week.

First came the arrest of former “Cheer Perfection” mom Andrea Clevenger. She has been accused of having multiple sexual interactions with a teen boy. The bigger blow, however, came Wednesday when news broke that RD Dunlap, Alisha's husband, was arrested for marijuana possesion. Fellow coach Ryan Dahl, who has not been on the show, was arrested as well.

Through tears Alisha says that her husband RD will no longer be involved with the gym. She says, “He is an awesome, awesome guy, he's a great father, and he's a wonderful husband. He just made a really bad choice.” Dunlap adds that while CTR has always done thorough background checks on people tied to the gym, she feels that she will now need to institute drug screening tests as well.

Alisha Dunlap says that she has had a lot of support from the families of Cheer Time Revolution, which comes as no surprise to “Cheer Perfection” fans. TLC never officially renewed or canceled the show, and many fans were hoping they would see a season 3 materialize. Some would say that's looking unlikely now. Certainly after this week's headlines, Alisha Dunlap is focusing on her family and Cheer Time Revolution. So, as much as fans want the show back, it would be understandable if both TLC and Dunlap decided not to pursue new episodes.