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'Cheer Perfection' scandal: Male coach arrested for drugs

Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Just yesterday shocking news came out about the arrest of a mom from "Cheer Perfection" being arrested on rape charges. On Jan. 15, TMZ reported that now a male coach from the show has been picked up on drug charges.

Ronald Dunlap is the co-owner of Cheer Time Revolution. Late last night he was arrested for marijuana possession and possession of drug paraphernalia. Another coach Ryan Dahl was with him, but has never been seen on the show before. He was also arrested at the scene.

When the police officer found them, they did admit to smoking the weed. Ronald Dunlap has already been released from jail and Ryan Dahl is still in custody at this time. Both are on suspension from the gym because they have a no drugs policy there. This is all really shocking after the arrest of Andrea Clevenger yesterday on charges of rape.

Do you think that "Cheer Perfection" will continue to air on TLC after all of this scandal? Sound off in the comments below. Please like my Facebook for the latest in entertainment news.

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