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Cheek’d: the next generation of online dating?

Photo credit: The Next Web
Photo credit: The Next Web
Photo credit: The Next Web

With the rise of popularity in online dating, nowadays almost 1 in 5 relationships are formed based on an online platform. In the beginning, online dating was only restricted to websites and computers, but it has evolved into mobile apps (such as Tinder and Grindr), where users can log in anywhere and anytime with their smartphones.

However, the evolution of online dating does not simply stop at mobile apps. New online dating service Cheek’d believes that their service will bring something new to the table and completely transform the concept of online dating. This NYC based dating network aims to bridge the gap between online dating and real world romance by providing members with physical dating "business" cards, so that they can encourage people from the real world to interact with them online.

The business cards include “cheeky” statements, such as “act natural, we can get awkward later”, a link and code id. If the recipient wishes to contact a user online, they can simply log onto the Cheek’d website, enter the code and send the user a message for free. While it is still too early to tell whether this online dating service will truly be the “next generation of online dating”, entrepreneurs admire the innovative concept, as the company won the inaugural TechStars Startup Madness tournament in April 2011.

The online dating service Cheek’d has potential to become a successful business, but it depends on the way users distribute the business cards and the receivers’ reaction towards them. Usually people tend to have a negative reaction towards complete strangers who approach them on the street, therefore the success rate of the users’ encounters may depend on the location of where these business dating cards are distributed. On the other hand, this dating concept can help eradicate the problem of false identities found in online dating, since card givers see the person in flesh and in real life before getting to know them online.