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Checkout 51 - another mobile couponing tool

Checkout 51 on my iPhone
Donna Su - iPhone

I have been just introduced to Checkout 51 and I have to say that this is my favorite mobile couponing tool by far. It is easy to use and perfect for those times when I forget to grab my coupons but really need to grab an item from the store. I tried it out last week and already earned $4.00 from buying things that I typically would already grab. Why I like it?

  • No need to download, print out, clip coupons
  • Go to ANY store you want - yes, I hit up Trader Joe's and Jewel/Osco since they're within a block from my home (unlike Ibotta where there are only several stores available to me)
  • No additional work required (unlike Ibotta where I have to share to Twitter or answer questions. My biggest pet peeve is having to Share to Facebook when I deactivated my Facebook account last year)
  • No need to scan the actual item's barcode (scanning a jug of milk's barcode is tough and COLD!)

Just download the app either from iTunes app store or Google Play. Take your receipt and scan it in to redeem for coupons.

For example, last week, I earned $4.00 - $1 from buying milk (I have two young children that drink at least 2 gallons of milk a week), $1 from buying Fage yogurt (which was on sale for $0.99 so I actually made a 1 cent profit), and they had a promo of uploading ANY grocery receipt over $20, you earn $2. Check out my screenshot of my phone from last week.

This week, they're offering $0.50 for a dozen eggs which is on my regular grocery list anyway. Checkout 51 is perfect and so easy to add to your regular grocery routine because it's simple and practically effortless.

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