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Checking in with Lightworker Marcela Arrieta

Catching up with Marcela!
Catching up with Marcela!

Dear Readers, in August 2013, I wrote a two-part column highlighting Lightworker, Teacher, and Healer Marcela Arrieta’s recollections of past life experiences in Lemuria and Atlantis (click here for Part One and click here for Part Two). Marcela, who has an extensive knowledge of alternate healing modalities and has been a spiritual coach for many years, recently checked in with me to share some information about her latest passion; and here’s Marcela to tell us what she’s been up to for the past year:

Sherri, as my Divine Healing Touch practice grew, I wanted to find a way for my clients to maintain their state of bliss after healing sessions, and of course, meditation is the key to finding and maintaining that wonderful state. I knew from clients that many of them felt that life was simply too busy for them and meditation would not be something they would have time to practice, and so I got to work on a product line that would help them quickly achieve an heightened state of being and enhance inner and outer healing. By combining energetic infusion, and using the highest-quality natural ingredients and essential oils, I created a line of handmade saps, body butters, body soufflés, sugar scrubs, and crystal essence sprays to help deliver a steady stream of relaxing and restorative energy that will help folks enjoy the benefits of meditation and holistic healing sessions when they are short on time. All of my products are made without preservatives or mineral oils and there is absolutely no animal testing. I’ve named my new company Majestic Bliss Soaps, and I’m committed to promoting optimum health and wellness worldwide.

As you can see, Marcela has been a very busy Lightworker! I’m very excited to try her line of products and I’m thinking they will make great gifts for birthdays and for the holidays. Regular readers of this column will know how important the no animal testing is to me, and I’m also delighted to share that every month Marcela donates a portion of her proceeds to several charities that also care about healing humanity; including: The MCKS Charitable Foundation, Mercy Corps, Oxfam International and Doctors without Borders.

Oh, one more thing: Marcela is offering a 15% discount to the readers of my column—just type TY15 in the coupon code area during checkout. Here’s the link for the Majestic Bliss Soaps Website:

Lightworkers are changing the world, and Marcela is a shining example of the difference one person can make for planet Earth. Namaste.

About Marcela Arrieta: Marcela is an intuitive energy healer, pranic healer, motivational speaker, instructor, TV personality and blogger who's life mission is to help others navigate through life's physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual challenges. For more about Marcela, or to contact her, please click on the following links:


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