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Checking the facts: Website far from violation of on line policy

At least get the website address in question right
At least get the website address in question right
Photo by Gary Miller/Getty Images

Today was certainly a trial. Less than twelve hours after approving my Google blog for Adwords, they send me an email that told me that my blog looked like a bridge page for other affiliate web sites which was a violation of their policy. There were also posts on that site so it wasn't anything like a bridge page full of ads to other sites.

The first alarming thing that bothered me was that the e-mail alerting me of the problem on my blog cited,, as my blog address, which was wrong. It didn’t even work because it couldn’t have been found. If they were going to complain, at least get the website address in question right. That one had been inert for the last two years. There might’ve been a breach of the ninth commandment about bearing false witness against me. The clicks on my site referred to what people wanted to read not the amount of ads on the site. None were clicked from there anyway.

Those ads on my blog were up for almost three months before setting my ad for their Adsense program and they complained about it now? After having seen other blogs with affiliate ads on them how were mine wrong? They could’ve asked me to remove the ones shown in duplicate which was done by me as a precaution. Shelfari, Goodeads, and the Examiner, were not my affiliate sites. The last site already had ads from Google on it.

It was to have been resolved next week. The man on the phone hadn’t seen anything wrong with my site and resubmitted my blog for review again. Everything could have been resolved in my favor.