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Check your supplement labels, make sure none contain DMAA

Dimethylamylamine also known as DMAA is suspected to have contributed to the deaths of two Fort Bliss, Texas soldiers according to Stars and Stripes news correspondent C.J. Lin. The two soldiers were Pfc. Michael Sparling and Sgt. Demekia Cola. They both died of heart failure during physical training in 2011.

A third Fort Bliss soldier, Pfc. David Artis, died of heat stroke during physical training in 2012. According to Maj. Joe Buccino of the Fort Bliss Public Affairs Office, Artis had been using several supplements including Jack3d which contained DMAA and may have contributed to his death.

The Food and Drug Administration has warned companies that using the substance is illegal. Although USPLabs, the manufacturer of Jack3d and other products, disagrees with the FDA's position, the company decided to phase out products containing DMAA for business reasons.

As a word of caution to everyone, read all of your supplement labels and tell all of your friends, classmates, co-workers and relatives to read their product's labels to make sure they do not contain DMAA. We have no way of knowing which companies will heed the FDA's warning and which ones will not.


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