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Check to see what your 4th grader knows

4th grader
4th grader
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Ask any elementary school teacher and they will tell you they enjoyed teaching 4th graders. If they had a choice they will only teach 10 year olds. “They are pliable, cooperative and eager learners”. Yet some 4th graders are not learning. The below outline is a check list to see if your 4th grader is one of them.

Writing: When you open your 4th grader’s backpack check the note book for paragraph essays. These essays should contain an introduction, main idea, supporting concepts and a closing sentence. Fourth graders in essay format are using compound sentences and quotations for their book reports or research. Their writing aptitude should be developed to where they can predict, infer and make connections in detailing their main topic.

Reading: Is your 4th grader reading chapter books? He or she should be. Fourth graders’ comprehensive skills should be critical, and complex to the point of understanding “cause-and-effect relationships”. They are memorizing poems, history dates and facts. Their individual thinking is at full force and is coupled with “critical thinking”. Their vocabulary list should be longer and complex with a special focus on homonyms and homophones.

Math: Basic and some pre-algebra should be part of their homework. Basic geometry is also introduced as the level of drawings increases.

Fourth graders enjoy working in groups and are one of the purist form of empathetic beings. They insist on “fairness” and are eager to show they are responsible individuals. Enjoy them while you can.