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Check in time - how are those New Year's resolutions?

Lazy days of summer
Lazy days of summer

It's June!! This means it's mid year and half way though your new year resolutions. So, how are they coming or dare I ask? They don't call these the lazy days of summer for nothing do they? It is time to step back and take a look at those goals you set waaayy back in January and see where you stand. If you're like most people, you've probably experienced the sudden burst of motivation that comes in early January, as holiday indulgences make their way to the waistline and New Year's resolutions force a new look at the figure we see in the mirror.

I'm sure some are crossed off because you thought they weren't as important or maybe you crossed the finish line with a few of the easier ones.... but whatever the case, there are a few still lingering. So, this is your opportunity to ask yourself if you want to continue the quest to meet this goal. What's left... Run a half marathon, organize all of the closets, start cooking more healthy dinners for your family, learn a foreign language?

If you've let your routine slip or haven't even thought about your resolutions in a while, that's OK! Don't let that stop you from pursuing these goals, just break them back down into bite sized steps and knock them off your list.

Bite sized tips:

Ask yourself are these goals still important to you?

Can you make the time it would take to get back on track?

Do you have a support system around you to help motivate you?

Do you have the tools/resources to achieve your goals?

If you said YES to even one of these questions, you're ready to continue with your resolutions and not let anything get in your way. It's never too late for personal achievement or goal setting - even if it is June.

Goal setting and goal achievement are easier if you follow these 5 simple steps. These steps will help you successfully accomplish your resolutions. Use the same motivation you had in January to achieve your goals in June!

*Set a reasonable resolution: Not one of those grand, pie in the sky goals that are set so high that they become unattainable and unreasonable.

* Take it step by step: Your resolution is important to you so make it easier to accomplish by breaking it down into more manageable goals, mini-goals.

* Write it down: Write it all down, the resolutions, the mini-goals and the critical path you want to take. Writing it down makes a deeper commitment to goal accomplishment and reminders keep you on the path.

* Be accountable and check your progress: Turn to friends, coworkers and your family for help. Tell them about your resolutions, keep them informed on your progress and ask for help if needed. Progress is important to staying motivated and on track towards your accomplishments.

*Relapse prevention: If you aren’t making much progress, step back and take a look at why and figure out a way to overcome the obstacle. It’s easy to fall back into the old habits you’re trying to replace. The main thing to understand is not letting a fall back be an excuse to quit work on the resolution. Stay focused and overcome the trigger that is drawing you back to these old habits.

The most crucial part is to acknowledge partial success. The 15K you ended your running with is no small feat, if the half marathon is still important to you... do it next year! If you are just one step closer to your goal, then you are better off than before you began. Pat yourself on the back and keep on going.

Good Luck and Happy Summer!!


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