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Check the neighborhood: keep your pet safe in Nashville from wildlife and other hazards


If you're moving in or around Nashville, be aware that there have been incidents related to wild animals, animal abuse, and possible or actual pet thefts.  Coyotes, particularly, are frequently sighted around Nashville. 

I used to think that having a fenced backyard--with adequate shelter outside, plenty of water, and a home indoors--was a fantastic way to allow my dog to enjoy the outdoors while I was at work or otherwise occupied.  Now--and I don't know whether this is unique to Nashville or it's become the situation everywhere--I so often hear about unpleasant incidents that I'd be wary of leaving a pet outdoors unattended.

While these incidents can happen anywhere, they may be more abundant in particular sections of Nashville.  Hawks, for example, are prevalent in certain areas, such as the Radnor Lake area.  I talked to a dog owner awhile back who said, "I have ___ beautiful acres [in the Radnor area] of fenced yard and I can't even let my small dogs out alone in it for the hawks." 

Asking a few specific questions ahead of time can educate you and help you to keep your dog safe.

  • Talk with some neighbors who live there.  Ask them, "Have you seen any coyotes in your neighborhood?"  "Are you aware of any pet-related incidents with them?"  "How about hawks or other large birds of prey?"
  • Ask neighbors about incidents of animal cruelty in their neighborhood, or pet disappearances.  Try to find out the circumstances.  Did the pet disappear from the backyard?  Where and when did the attack occur?
  • Contact Metro Animal Control.  Ask them for any statistics or anecdotes about wild animal or animal cruelty incidents in the area you're considering.
  • Call a few local wild animal removal services for any information they will give you about wild animal activity in certain areas. 
  • Check news reports and local news outlets for any information they might have on pet-related incidents.
  • Call or write Nashville Humane Association for any advice particular to your circumstances.

I'm interested in knowing what's happening around Nashville in this regard.  Leave a comment here, or contact me at