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Check The Chip Day is Friday, August 15th!

Don't let us get lost without a way back to you
Don't let us get lost without a way back to you
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August 15th is “Check the Chip” Day!Microchip that is! If your pet has a microchip you have a better chance of recovering a lost or stolen pet, but…. What if the chip is bad? What if the chip has migrated and can no longer be picked up by a reader in the universal position between the shoulder blades? That is why the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) along with AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association) teamed up together to create “Check the Chip day.”

First things first. If you have not already had your pet/s microchipped get it done as soon as you can! It’s never too late! Call your family veterinarian today to schedule your pet for a microchip implantation. It’s quick and easy to do!

Secondly, if your pet is already microchipped make sure your registration is up to date including your home address, telephone numbers and emergency contact numbers. Your pet’s microchip will not do him/her any good if you’ve moved or changed any information and not updated those changes with the manufacture. If you aren’t sure which manufacture your pet’s microchip is from you can take your pet to any veterinarian that has a Universal Microchip Scanner. (Most do) This scanner will read the majority of any microchip. Your veterinarian can tell you which chip your pet has and give you the needed telephone number to call.

The most important database to register your pet with along with your manufacture’s, is AAHA’s “Universal Microchip LookUp Tool”. This large database is the one that most Shelters and Veterinarian’s use when searching for a Microchip Number.

So if you haven’t “Chipped” your pet yet or you haven’t “Checked the Chip” recently, make a trip to your family veterinarian and do it soon! Make sure your pet’s chip is readable, has not migrated and that your registration is up to date!

Thanks Pet Parents!

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