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Check out up and coming author Sophia Chester of Cosmic Callisto Caprica

Author Sophia Chester of Cosmic Callisto Caprica
Author Sophia Chester of Cosmic Callisto Caprica
Sophia Chester

Sophia Chester is about to make a big splash with her novella Cosmic Callisto Caprica. On July 1, 2014, she launched her novella Kickstarter project, Cosmic Callisto Caprica & The Missing Rings Of Saturn. The novella is an easy read and both young adult and younger readers will enjoy learning about a spunky sixteen year old space detective by the name of Cosmic Callisto Caprica. This fresh new character is a black space detective who travels across the galaxy solving mysteries. Her first mystery, The Missing Rings Of Saturn, will be her first case. The main character, Cosmic Callisto Caprica; friends call her Cosmo for short, receives a junior space detective license Cosmo and is given her her first case. She travels to a luxury space station called the Titian to solve a robbery. The setting for Cosmos world is nicely unique and has a retro-future vibe to it. The clothing and style for the characters come from the 1950’s and nearly everyone drives a flying saucer. There are actually green aliens in this world that come from another galaxy. An all too familiar issue here on Earth, they face discrimination on a daily basis because they are not human.

Cosmo needs help to launch her into space. Sophia’s Kickstarter project can be found on her Facebook page. Chester came up with the idea after binge watching Mad Men on Netflix and discovering retro future images on Tumblr. Follow Sophia on Twitter : @SophiaTheAuthor . Kickstarter is a great new way to raise funds for projects involving books, comics, TV, photography, fashion, and film and video, and more. Each project is independently created by talented people trying to jump start their project. The creator of the project sets their fundraising goal and a deadline, and projects must reach their goal to be awarded the funding. So far, an impressive 44% of the projects have been funded.