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There's more to having a sustainable restaurant business than what's on the menu.
There's more to having a sustainable restaurant business than what's on the menu.
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As many local entrepreneurs have discovered, there’s more to having a sustainable restaurant business than what’s on the menu. Whether your goal is to reduce costs, achieve zero waste, or simply make changes that your customers will notice and appreciate, it takes a considerable amount of effort to become a truly green foodservice operation.

That’s where the Green Restaurant Association (GRA) can help. For more than two decades, this organization has helped restaurants change their environmental impact so that it benefits the bottom line, employee morale and, most importantly, public relations.

The GRA helps restaurants with a variety of services that include Environmental Assessment, Environmental Consulting, Certification, and Green Public Relations and Marketing – performing a comprehensive Environmental Assessment of your restaurant in relationship to Green Restaurant® 4.0 Certification Standards. This provides a baseline of points to help your restaurant improve its environmental practices and become a Certified Green Restaurant.

The detailed solutions that GRA consultants provide include:
• Helping you set up a full-scale recycling program;
• Helping identify specific steps your restaurant needs to take for green certification;
• Helping you determine your restaurant’s priorities, such as employee morale, saving money, sourcing local food, etc.;
• Helping you select the best equipment, packaging and products;
• Providing annual employee education, finding local farms, securing rebates, performing cost analyses, troubleshooting, and more.

The GRA offers three types of Certification based on rigorous and achievable 4.0 standards: Certification for existing restaurants, new builds and events. Each step is verified with invoices and other documentation to ensure that your restaurant has achieved the minimum points for certification. Recertification occurs each year that your restaurant remains in good standing with Green Restaurant 4.0.

In addition, GRA can help your restaurant through press releases, media events, and other public relations activities. You also have access to the GRA’s Communications Manager, who can help you integrate the certification message into menus, websites, table tents and other marketing opportunities.

For more information about the Green Restaurant Association and how its consulting services can benefit your business, click here.

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