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Check out these song spoilers for the upcoming episodes of Glee

Rachel Berry, Glee
Rachel Berry, Glee

Gleeks, if you haven't already seen the song spoilers from now until the end of the fifth season of've come to the right place. According to my sources at, here's what we can expect:

"Opening Night" episode 5x17 will show Rachel's long awaited debut as Fanny Brice in Funny Girl on Broadway. But what will she be singing?

"The Back-Up Plan" episode 5x18 features the one-and-only Shirley MacLaine; so one can only hope the episode does her justice. Fan favorite "Klaine" even belt out a bit of One Direction.

"Old Dog, New Tricks" episode 5x19 will have Chris Colfer at the helm in his Glee writing debut. What does the gorgeous, talented Colfer have in store of us?

The finale will feature a song by Pink, sung by Rachel...or so we've heard. More details to come!