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Check out the view from the top at SkyView Atlanta

SkyView Atlanta-slide0
Keely Herrick

As the weather is getting warmer, now is the perfect time to check out SkyView Atlanta in Centennial Olympic Park. During the peak summer months, you can expect long lines and waits to board the giant ferris wheel, but now you can enjoy the view on your own time. It's a great little adventure for families or for couples, as there are few things more romantic than a kiss at the top of the ride, with all of Midtown spread out before you.

Keely Herrick

The ride is about halfway in scope between a standard ferris wheel and the grandeur of the London Eye. It stands 20 stories tall at the peak, and each gondola seats up to six passengers. You can also rent out the ride and the surrounding space for a social or work event. SkyView is generally open until 10 or 11 p.m., but check their Facebook page before you head out just to be sure that there aren't any interruptions due to weather or routine maintenance. Tickets range from about $10- $15 per person.