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Check out the Palm Beach Zoo

Child watching a Jaguar in the Tropics of the Americas exhibit at the Palm Beach Zoo (Photo Credit Cynthia Yates Buckley)
Child watching a Jaguar in the Tropics of the Americas exhibit at the Palm Beach Zoo (Photo Credit Cynthia Yates Buckley)

The Palm Beach Zoo is a quick 40 minute drive from Fort Lauderdale. This 23 acre park has the magical quality of making you feel like you are walking through a lush tropical wonderland. The Zoo has several sections focusing on geographical areas; each area brings together the exhibits and the pathway landscaping to create the feeling of walking through a nature park in South America, Florida, Asia and Australia.

Military Macaws in the Tropics of the Americas exhibit at the Palm Beach Zoo
Cynthia Yates Buckley

The Florida section brings you up-close and personal with everglade species like alligators, turtles and all manner of things that slither through the watershed. A walk through wetlands provides the visitor with the opportunity to watch otters play on water and on land. Guests can also view a Florida Panther through the windows of an authentic pioneer house, followed by watching flamingos from a rocker on the porch. This section of the Zoo will transport visitors to life in Florida before cars were rocketing down the I95.

The Asian and Australian sections allows guest to view Rock Wallaby from inside the exhibit. Guests will come eye to eye with Kookaburra, Rhea and Tawny Frogmouth Birds. The crown and glory of this section of the Zoo are the Malayan Tigers. These brothers inhabit a beautiful exhibit complete with waterfall and pool and can be seen frolicking in the water on a hot day. The guest is treated to a misty walk through bamboo pathways once again being transported into another world.

Finally guests are beckoned to walk through the South American section, a tropical Mayan paradise where endangered jaguars sleep in the shade of the overhanging pillars of a scaled down replica of the Temple of 1000 Columns in Chitzen Itza. This section named The Tropics Of America is home to exotic animals like tapirs, giant anteaters and the rare bush dogs. Not to mention the beautiful and colorful parrots found throughout the area.

The Palm Beach Zoo is a fun family friendly facility that offers a snack bar, sit down dining, a carousel, animal shows and demonstrations. The education department offers reasonably priced special programs for kids of all ages including Summer Camp, Stroller Day Tours and Toddler Workshops. Don’t forget to bring bathing suits for the kids! The Zoo has a musical interactive water fountain that no child will want to walk by without taking a splash and dance.

The Palm Beach Zoo is located at 1300 Summit Blvd in West Palm Beach. For more information call (561) 533-0887 or go to


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