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Check out the NORAD Santa Tracker with your children

Santa's Village at NORAD's site
Santa's Village at NORAD's site

A fun activity this time of year for children is to check out NORAD's Santa Tracker.

Each day between now and Christmas, kids can check out new activities in the Santa's Village section of the site, where there are many different educational games, each of which comes online on a different day of the countdown.

On Christmas Eve itself, NORAD will follow Santa's travels over the globe delivering toys.

NORAD (and its predecessor, CONAD) have been following Santa's journey for 55 years now. Back in 1955, an advertisement misprinted the number for children to call to talk to Santa. Instead of talking to Santa, the children were dialing the CONAD hotline. The Director of Operations at that time, Colonel Harry Shoup asked his staff not to disappoint the children by telling them it was a wrong number. Instead, he had them tell the kids about how radar was following Santa as he traveled from the North Pole. Children who called were given updates on Santa's location - thus was a tradition born.

When, in 1958, NORAD was formed by the U.S. and Canadian governments, the men and women of the organization have volunteered their time to keeping up this tradition. They will personally respond to phone calls or emails from children around the world, and they allow millions of internet visitors to track Santa from their website.

Check out their website at:


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