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Check out the happy hour deals at Wokcano in Santa Monica

The happy hour menu at Wokcano Santa Monica
The happy hour menu at Wokcano Santa Monica

The spicy crabmeat tempura roll at Wokcano

If there’s one thing to love in this life, it’s a great happy hour. And what exactly makes a happy hour great? There are three necessary components: good cheap drinks, good cheap food, and a nice chunk of time in which to enjoy the two. And if this sounds right up your alley, then you’ll want to check out Wokcano in Santa Monica (or one of their six other L.A. locations).

First and foremost, there are no stingy time constraints here – unlike some establishments where the happy hour evaporates long before anyone has shown up for dinner, Wokcano’s “hour” stretches luxuriously from 4pm until 7:30pm, Monday thru Friday (in the bar and lounge area).

Then there are the drink specials. Sake bombs or draft beers (a great selection ranging from Kirin to Stella) for just $3 apiece, and well drinks or red/white house wine for only $4 means you’ll have no problem keeping your bar tab at a minimum.

Finally, there’s the food. One of the things I’ve always liked about Wokcano is their mixed menu of Chinese and Japanese cuisine – I love both kinds of food, and I think it’s fun to have dinner at a place where I can have sushi as an appetizer and Chinese for my entrée. The happy hour menu includes items from both sides, so there’s plenty of exploring to do.

The crab wontons are a dream at just $2.99 for 6 – the wontons are crisp and the cream cheese filling is delectable. The accompanying sauce is a good old-fashioned sweet and sour, which you just have to love, and there’s a dollop of spicy mustard on top for the more daring diners at the table.

Also tasty is the $4.99 spicy crabmeat tempura roll, oozing with delicious sauces that make dipping the roll in soy completely unnecessary. The spicy tuna roll (for just $3.99) is yummy as well, and it has a hefty kick for those who like a little heat.

Take all of this and throw in a pretty stellar patio area (see slideshow below) and you’ve got the recipe for a very happy hour indeed!

1413 5th Street
Santa Monica, CA 90401