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Check out the government's hilariously ironic Obamacare commercial

The Obama administration released two commercials today aimed at encouraging Americans to sign up for a health care plan at the government's Heath Insurance Marketplace at Unfortunately, the commercials come as the rollout for for the Affordable Care Act, popularly known as Obamacare, has been nothing short of a disaster. In fact, as the commercials were released, President Obama was in the Rose Garden acknowledging the problems with the website.

President Obama

The commercials only make the situation worse, as they claim that the sign-up process is easy, and the website is shown as up and working. With so much criticism of the Obamacare's implementation coming from every direction, a commercial claiming the process is quick and easy is both hilarious and ironic, and ripe for ridicule.

One of the commercials (included here), called "Daniel's Covered, and You Can Be Covered Too!" shows a 22-year-old college student from Florida named Daniel, who discusses how easy it was to sign up for Obamacare. It is unclear if "Daniel" is a real person or an actor, but some of his claims seem hard to believe. "I already had health insurance, but I wanted to see if I can do better on the Health Insurance Marketplace, and I did," he said.

This claim may be true for Daniel, but not for most young people. According to the Heritage Foundation, individuals under 27 are paying much higher premiums than before. In fact, young people in Florida (where Daniel lives) are paying nearly 75% more in premiums under Obamacare, according to numbers they obtained from the Marketplace.

"Once I was on the site, it was pretty easy for me to compare plans," Daniel continued. Considering the website has crashed numerous times, and been closed for maintenance for extended periods, frustrated visitors to the site may find Daniel's claims hard to believe.

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