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Check out the Elder Chicks

Check out!
Check out!
Georgia Boni

Interested in reading an online blog? Check out the Elder Chicks! Blogs are everywhere and for just about anybody…even older adults. Two creative women, Drs. Barbara Fleisher and Thelma Reese have started a blog for women in their senior years.
Their blog is a place for women in the newest phase of their long lives to learn from each other, enjoy each other’s journey and make time productive.

These “elder chicks,” feel they still have lots to give and take from the world. They say they want to start a conversation amongst their peers and to create a supportive community, while they serve as role models for women living longer and more actively then their parents and grandparents did.

According to the U.S. census bureau, there are over 36 million senior citizens over age sixty-five living in the United States. And the Nielson company website states, in the last five years, the number of seniors actively using the Internet has increased by more than 55 percent, from 11.3 million active users in November 2004 to 17.5 million in November 2009. Among people 65+, the growth of women in the last five years has outpaced the growth of men by 6 percentage points.

The Elder Chicks site launched in March and women are encouraged to share their stories and invited to read what contributing experts have to say.